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Terms and Conditions. Official Declaration:

  • I the undersigned hereby agree to abide by the statue and bylaws, to assist in the promotion of kendo as a sport and recreational activity to the general good and betterment of my fellow members.
  • I know of no reason, medical or otherwise for which I should not or have been advised previously not to undertake any of the activities associated with Kendo.
  • I understand that my membership implies an undertaking to abide by regulations as laid down by the MKF (and any of its affiliations).
  • I also understand that Kendo is a risk sport and absolve the Federation and its members from any damages, cover or risks save from those proven to have arisen from lack of due care and duty of its officers.
  • I agree to uphold a professional and sportsman-like attitude towards Kendo and other members, athletes and coaches at all times, accepting their respect in return as part of the on-going fellowship of Kendo.
  • The data collected above will be stored securely and will be only available to the committee of the MKF for internal controls.

Membership Payment:

➔ 14 years of age or under as of 1st January – 55€ per annum

➔ 15 years of age and older as of 1st January – 75€ per annum

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