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For the love of KENDO, the way of the sword

Membership registration is a one step process signing members with both the Maltese Kendo Federation and Koseibukan Kendo club.

Payments structures are kept separate offering the best support for members to develop their kendo skills.

Maltese Kendo Federation

International representation

As a member of the MKF you can represent Malta at the European or World Kendo Cup in individuals and teams. The MKF represents you on behalf of the European Kendo Federation, International Kendo Federation and National government and non-government bodies in Malta.

Koseibukan kendo club

Open door policy, everyone is welcome

Women, teenagers, children and men practice at Koseibukan Kendo Club. Membership gives access too all training days and use of equipment. New members will, after 6 months be given a club zekken free of charge. Preparation for international competitions starts here.

For Beginners

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We offer kendo practitioners the chance to be part of an active social martial art and sports club at ideal venues in Malta. Membership includes the opportunity to participate in gradings and competitions, nationally and globally.

Maltese Kendo Federation

Beginners - free Kyusha Grading up to 1st Kyu
Represent club or country at International Events
Start your International Grading clock
Free use of basic equipment
International representation with EKF & FIK
Receive support when travelling to international training camps

Koseibukan Kendo Club

New members will get a free club Zekken after 6 months
Train to participate at international events
Learn shinai and various sword kata
Basic equipment is available for beginners and visiting guests
Training is for everyone: men, women and children
Kendo with lightsabers? why not 🙂

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