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17/04/2021 | 13:00 15:00

The main objective of the shiai programme is to provide an opportunity
for all, both kyusha and yudansha to understand specific or combined
topics, in various formats from educational training to informal shiai
matches and the learning by doing methodology.
The Saturday session will start with the regular 30 minute club warm up,
followed by an informal style of coaching allowing for questions and the
opportunity to develop understanding. Correction during a match is
allowed accompanied with explanation.

Topics for development:
● the differences & similarities between grading & shiai
● the different categories of shiai and grading
● International rules and regulations
● Tournament set up, flow and management
● Individual & team tournaments
● Shinpan development
● What is ippon
● Shiai etiquette, rules and regulations
● Mind set and preparation in facing the competition
● Personal fitness training and development out of the dojo
● Nutrition, stretching and physiotherapy
● Facing Jodan or nito players
● Fencing within the shiai jo limits
● Managing time performance
● Other thoughts open for discussion