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Kendo is sport & martial science

Begin Kendo and learn the way of the sword.

Kendo, the sport derived from the Samurai that went on to inspire Star Wars, is a mental and spiritual challenging stimulating martial sport that has a 1000 year history and is practiced all over the world by juniors, women and men. In Malta kendo is practiced at three different locations which are open to all club members – Monday at St Andrews, Wednesday at MCAST Paola and Saturday at Imriehel. All locations and timings are available on
Beginners get a free trial and equipment is provided.

Awesome kendo spirit

We love training Kendo and we ensure you do too. Once possible, we will start travelling again to train and compete abroad.

Kendo: your journey begins here

Kendo is both a martial science and a sport, with a deep rich cultural history, philosophy and learning in the way of the sword.

Kendo philosophy for the modern warrior - "My opponent is my teacher. My ego is my enemy"


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