National Squad

The Maltese National Team has taken part in both the European Kendo Cups held in Debrecen, Hungary in 2010, Gdynia, Poland in 2011, Berlin Germany 2013, Clermont-Ferrand France 2014, Macedonia 2016, Hungary 2017 and Serbia 2019.

The following clip is a match from the EKC 2010: Malta is on the right of the screen wearing the red ribbon

To be allowed to attend squad practice one must

  • be an MKF member,
  • attend regular kendo club practice,
  • be familiar with main kendo instructions, so as not to hold up the practice (kiri kaeshi, ¬†shikake kihon waza, uchi komi keioko, gakari keiko, butsugari keiko, ohai keiko, ji geiko)
  • be responsible for their own fitness level prior to coming to practice

Squad selection for international representation will not be based on their dan level but on one’s dedication to training, support of others, their behavior in and out of the dojo, their potential to learn from the experience and their attitude in assisting others.