KOSEIBUKAN – Home to the development of fundamental kendo …maltese kendoka

Contact number: +356 9921 6871   on whatsapp

email: koseibukankendoclub@gmail.com

Koseibukan translates into “Home for development of fundamental kendo” and was founded in 2006. The kanji for the MON is the hand work of the highly esteemed international instructor Sumi Sensei Hachi (8th) Dan Hanshi.

Our sessions are open to beginners where, from day one they are instructed through a linear programme with a step by step guide and under 4th Dan certified Kendo instructors. Hence any beginner can learn the basics to kendo. The induction course also includes the use of bokken and shinai.

If you wish to join the club, please note that if you only practice once a month or less, the quarterly membership fees remain the same. It is only through regular practice that one can learn and make process.


We, at Koseibukan Malta Kendo Club pledge to commit to further the development of kendo by

  1. providing quality instruction with a duty of care
  2. creating and maintaining a safe environment to practice kendo
  3. following a structured international syllabus
  4. giving assistance to further the club, as a group where all members are equal
  5. providing an equal opportunity environment in learning the art of Kendo
  6. maintaining a mature sense of etiquette and behavior
  7. inviting Sensei from abroad who will share their knowledge with all full club members
  8. providing individual guidance and support where needed
  9. giving assistance in the purchasing of personal equipment
  10. preparing individuals for international participation
  11. developing character through member’s commitment to practice
  12. cultivating friendships
  13. providing recreational and competitive opportunities, regardless of skill level



Wednesday – 7:30pm – 9pm  … in St Andrews at Luxol Basket Ball Court – Triq Tobruk.

Saturday – 12.30pm – 3:15pm …  In Mriehel at Kullegg Santa Tereza Sekondarja tal-bniet

Sunday Practice is by invitation only 

Membership donations for the year

There is only one way to learn Kendo, and that is through committing to regular practice.


Full membershipon signing and agreeing to “Full membership contract to commitment”

Full membership benefits:

  1. All sessions
  2. free zekken and club tenugui
  3. free entrance to club competitions
  4. special discounts and support on purchasing equipment
  5. free entrance when the club has visiting sensei
  6. support on maintenance of equipment
  7. support when attending an international Kendo event
  8. Selection for the Club team and representation locally and abroad
  9. Access to club squad practice and trial selection

 Payment conditions – first month of every quarter: January, April, July and October

Adults – 18 years + = 45 euros per month payable quarterly

Juniors – 15 up to 17 years of enrollment date = 35 euros month payable quarterly

Children – 7 to 14 years of age = 25€ per month payable quarterly

Registration process is as follows

  1. Email us with your name surname and contact no
  2. Settle your quarterly donation as above
  3. Payment can be settled by
    1. Paypal… our account is koseibukankendoclub@gmail.com … send as ‘GIFT’ to reduce charges
    2. internet banking
    3. cheque by visiting any BOV branch ( you can use the express deposit slips).

Important: Please state under reference member’s name and period of payment. An email would be appreciated…

Bank details are

Bank Of Valletta Account : 400 240 2523-8 KOSEIBUKAN MALTA KENDO CLUB


IBAN: MT66VALL22013000000040024025238

…….     ……..    ……..

There on to maintain membership donations are to be settled quarterly every January April July October …

We look forward to welcoming you to our club.