Beginner’s Course


Kendo is fun for life and any one can start, juniors from the age of 7,both boys and girls, and teenagers / adults of any age . Any thing is possible and through Kendo training one will learn to be assertive as Kendo offers a lot of benefits which are helpful in our daily lives as long as one is willing to commit to regular practice.

Beginner’s course run regularly, following a safe and internationally recognised syllabus, by qualified coaches in different venues and at different times. 

The clubs of the Maltese Kendo Federation all follow the same syllabus which will in time prepare the kendoka to take the International Grades. The grading structure in Kendo is refferred to kyusha starting from 7th to 1st and then becoming Yudansha grades from shodan (1st dan or black belt) to Hachi dan (8th dan). However do note that in kendo we do not wear belts, but a certificate is given.

Following is the outline syllabus for beginner to be graded at a national level by the Maltese Kendo Federation from 7th Kyu to 2nd kyu.


7th Kyu
1. How to stand: Shizen-tai
2. How to bow: Ritsu-rei and courtesy in kendo: Rei-ho
3. How to sit: Sei-za
4. How to bow: Za-rei
5. How to compose yourself: Mokuso
6. How to squat: sonkyo
7. How to make stance and posture: chudan-no-kamae
8. How to move forward, back, right and left: in kamae using Suri-ashi
9. Kihon Ichi  – men kote do tski


6th Kyu
1. Kihon Ich and Kihon Ni with osamae kata and as kakarite and motodatchi
2. How to cut set forms of kihon-keiko-ho with shinai on  Motodatchi

5th Kyu
1. Kihon Keiko Ho – Kihon Ichi to Kihon San
2. Kiri-kaeshi: as Kakarite
3. Uchikomi Keiko as kakarite on Motodatchi.


4th Kyu
1. Kihon Ichi to Kihon Shi
2. Kiri-kaeshi: with good kiai and correct cutting distance
3. Uchikomi Keiko as kakarite on Motodatchi.


3rd Kyu
1. Kihon Ichi to Kihon Kyo both sides
2. Kiri-kaeshi: left hand remains in centre with smooth, effective movements
3. Uchikomi Keiko as kakrite on Yudansha Motodatchi.
4. Gakari Keiko as kakarite on Yudansha Motodatchi.


2nd Kyu
1. Kihon Keiko Ho – 1 to 9
2. Kiri-kaeshi: with a full rich kiai and proper breathing
3. Uchikomi keiko

1st Kyu
1. Kiri-kaeshi: with a full rich kiai, fluid movement and proper breathing, both sides
2. Jigeiko 2 mins
3. Ipponme to Sanbonme