Option 1 – Senior Rate (18 Years as of 01/01/12 )          50 Euros

Option 2 – Junior Rate & Students                                  35 Euros

  1. Membership Entitlement and Information.
  2. Grading structure from 7th Kyu to 5th Dan
  3. Entitlement to attend MKF kendo competitions, as a team or as individual (Competition Fee to be paid on the day)
  4. The possibility to represent Malta as a member of the Maltese Kendo Team at the European’s, World kendo Cup or any other recognized Taikai.
  5. Administrative support to go to other clubs abroad
  6. Administrative support & permission to attend seminars abroad
  7. Administrative support & permission to attend Ikkyu & Dan grading either nationally or internationally
  8. Each member is ensured that all kendo coaches are recognized by international standards as monitored by the MKF Technical Committee
  9. The possibility to contest at the AGM for one of the posts on the MKF Board of Officers that are open to the individual member, as voted in by the Technical committee of the MKF

All members are encouraged to register, as this entitles you to receive information on activities the MKF is organizing and find all the information necessary and related to Kendo and the Maltese Kendo Federation.

Cheques are to be made payable to the Maltese Kendo Federation. Membership fees are due to be paid by the end of February of the same year.

All email correspondence is to be sent to



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