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Welcome to the official website of the Maltese Kendo Federation, the representative body for kendo in Malta on behalf of the European Kendo Federation. On this site you will find all the necessary information about kendo in Malta, its official & qualified Kendo instructors, clubs, & other relevant material to kendo and its members.

Kendo today is practiced by more than ten million people worldwide. There are two sides to Kendo training: Bokuto (wooden sword) practice and shinai (bamboo sword) practice with bogu (armor); where the latter allows safe full-contact practice. In Kendo students wear a navy blue uniform to enhance the idea of equality. The grades in Kendo start from 7th Kyu and the student advances to the first official grading known as Ikkyu (1st Kyu). After that comes the Shodan grade (equivalent to a 1st Dan Black Belt) which then progress to the highest grade which is 8th dan or known as the Hachidan with a pass rate of 0.8% each year.

The Zen-Nippon-Kendo-Renmei (ZNKR – All Japan Kendo Federation) is the governing body for International Kendo practice. In Malta, kendo is represented by the Maltese Kendo Federation on behalf of its clubs and members.