• The Concept of Kendo
  • The MKF Committee
  • National Squad
  • Beginner’s Course
  • Clubs and Practice Sessions

The Concept of Kendo

“The concept of kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana. The purpose of practicing kendo is To mold the mind and body, To cultivate a vigorous spirit, And through correct and rigid training To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo; To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor, To treat others with sincerity, And to forever pursue the cultivation…

mkf committee

The MKF Committee

President: Kersten Mallia  (4thd Dan) Secretary General: Mr Rami Mathew Abdalla (2nd Dan) m: 9987 1792 Kendo Development Officer: Mr Jonathan Mallia (4th Dan) m: 9988 1367 Technical Director: Mr Paul Budden (7th Dan Kyoshi) Team Coach: Ms Kazuyo Matsuda (7th Dan Renshi) Contact us on the numbers above, by email info@kendomalta.org or by post Maltese Kendo Federation, P.O.Box 32. St.Julian’s Malta


National Squad

The national squad follows a training program under the guidance of the National Coach Matsuda Sensei 7th Dan. Malta has taken part in both the European Kendo Cups held in Debrecen Hungary in 2010, Gdynia Poland in 2011, Berlin Germany 2013 and Clermont-Ferrand France 2014, and Macedonia 2016. The following clip is a match from the EKC 2010: Malta is on the right of the screen wearing the red ribbon…


Beginner’s Course

START NOW… EMAIL US: info@kendomalta.org Kendo is fun for life and any one can start, juniors from the age of 7,both boys and girls, and teenagers / adults of any age . Any thing is possible and through Kendo training one will learn to be assertive as Kendo offers a lot of benefits which are helpful in our daily lives as long as one is willing to commit to regular…


Clubs and Practice Sessions

Tuesday 5:30pm to 7pm in Naxxar – Kodokan Juniors Kendo Club   Wednesday 1pm to 2pm University of Malta – Kenpu Kendo Club 7:30pm to 9pm in San Gwann – Koseibukan Kendo Club   Thursday 2pm to 4pm in St Venera – Agenzija Zghazagh Kendo Club 5:30pm to 7pm in Naxxar – Kodokan Juniors Kendo Club 7:30pm to 9pm in Pembroke  – Koseibukan Kendo Club   Saturday 1:30pm to 3:30pm…



KOSEIBUKAN – Home to the development of fundamental kendo … Contact number: +356 9921 6879    on whatsapp & viber email: koseibukanmalta@gmail.com Koseibukan translates into “Home for development of fundamental kendo” and was founded in 2006. The kanji for the MON is the hand work of the highly esteemed international instructor Sumi Sensei Hachi (8th) Dan Hanshi. Our sessions are open to beginners where from day one they are instructed…


Why Practice Kendo

People do not carry swords around so why practice kendo? There are so many reasons why people still practice kendo. For most people it is love at first sight, just wanting to be part of kendo and its traditions and sport. Some want to become a kendo champion. Some want to experience what samurai training might have been like. Some want to become physically fit and disciplined. Others want to…


The Way of the Sword

Kendo literally translated means “the way of the sword.” Kendo is the sword art of the samurai or bushi. Kendo has been a part of Japanese culture for a large part of its history and continues today as a sport in Japan and throughout the world. The story of kendo is the story of the Japanese sword, its technical development and its cultural meaning in a sport that continues to…



In the Western world, Japanese Spring is almost exclusively associated with Sakura (cherry blossom) and images of trees covered in pale pink or a breeze filling the air filled with fluttering cherry blossom petals, creating the illusion of snowfall. However, there is another important symbol of Spring in Japan, the Tsubaki (Camellia japonica). Unlike sakura tress which are deciduous and produce multitudes of tiny flowers over 2-3 weeks in early…